Olivia Sparrow

Places of no significance, 2019.
A zine containing short texts about acts of public queer love and sex in 19 locations across England, Wales and Germany.
20 pages, A6. Limited print run. Available to buy via my online shop.

Splitting, 2018.
A book containing a transcript of the actions made and conversations had with viewers and paying clients during the final webcam performance as Miss A, complete with an insert detailing items used and worn by Miss A during the performance which were later put up for sale.
62 pages, A4 with 26 page, A5 insert. Very limited print run. Contains explicit and potentially triggering content. Sold out.

Residency, 2018.
From October 2016 to October 2017, I was Artist in Residence at Manchester School of Art. Using a mixture of text adapted from an unused performance script, archival phone images and emails, I recount my year as AiR, covering topics such as abuse, class, mental illness and love.
60 pages, A5, colour. Limited print run. Each zine is individually tampered with and numbered. Contains explicit and potentially triggering content. Available to buy via my online shop and at BOOKS, Peckham. A copy is available to read in Special Collections at the Tate Library.

The Miss A Broadcast, 2016.
A zine containing the script from the performance of the same name, dealing with sex work, the art world, class and discreet transness.
14 pages, A6, B&W. Sold out.

Dreamhome Heartache, 2015.
A zine made for a Thursday Late at Manchester Art Gallery in which I fetishised the modernist furniture in the House Proud exhibition.
20 pages, A5. Sold out.

Some quotes about the Manic Street Preachers, 2015.
A zine containing quotes from interviews with Manic Street Preachers fans, exploring the importance of fandom, obsession, culture, alienation, boredom and despair.
90 pages, A5, B&W. Sold out.

The Very Last Plea From My Heart, 2012.
A zine about queer desire, public sex and my relationship with the now-demolished Birmingham Central Library.
30 pages, A5, B&W. Sold out. An excerpt of text from the zine can be found in writing.