Olivia Sparrow

Queer Day School is a project which encompasses experimental D.I.Y. talks, lectures, discussions and workshops aimed predominantly but not exclusively at queer people who are outside of academia and mainstream education. We operate under the radical notion that no forms of expression are wrong.
The idea for this project came to me after thinking about my own experiences - I left school at 11, couldn't afford home tuition and ended up with no GCSE's or A-levels. Through autodidactism I managed to educate myself (predominantly in art, politics, history and pop culture - don't ask me about mathematics) and finally went back into mainstream education aged 24.

Queer Day School on Facebook. All enquiries: queerdayschool@gmail.com

Videos from Queer Sunday School at DIY Space For London, May 8th 2016. Featuring Miqhael Kannemeyer, Jacob V Joyce, Shiri Shalmy of AntiUniversity Now, Jacq Applebee, Thomas and Leo of Queerzone 3000, Tallulah Haddon and Liv Wynter.

Short video interview with myself and Liv Wynter by Bianca Boorer