Olivia Sparrow

Temporary Cruising Zone is an all-gender queer play party hosted in secret locations in Birmingham, UK. Sitting somewhere between a queer happening, a dance party and a cruising space, TCZ seeks to provide queer people of all genders with a space to express themselves and their desires, a space to flaunt their sexuality, a space to meet new friends and lovers in an intimate, welcoming and friendly environment, with proceeds going directly to LGBTQIA+ and sex worker charities. TCZ strives to actively support trans and non-binary sex workers, musicians and artists and only shows pornography made by queer, trans and feminist studios.
For details of future events: facebook.com/temporarycruisingzone.

TCZ 01: April 2019.

Featured work by:
Ann Antidote
Barbara DeGenevieve
Bethan McKnight
Courtney Trouble
Chelsea Poe
Daria Ivanova
Jaye Ward
Marilyn Roxie
Shine Louise Houston
Toni Karat

Download the official soundtrack to TCZ 01 - a new piece of music by Bonnie - via Bandcamp.