Olivia Sparrow

[All videos can be viewed, screened and/or exhibited on request.]

All the things that run through my head when we are in bed, 2019. 24 minutes.
A silent moving image work about working class trans and queer experience, interior uselessness and exterior hostilities. More information can be found here.

Laundry Day, 2018.
A short film about queer domesticity, scent and fetishisation of the object. 18 minutes.

Drowning, 2017.
A short erotic video collaboration with Bonnie Hancell exploring the romantic potential of drowning play. 3 minutes 37 seconds.

The Miss A Broadcast, 2016.
Documentation of a live webcam performance created for Millionaires Can Be Trans* / You Are So Brave* at Schwules Museum, Berlin. A manifesto, of sorts, in which my sex work character Miss A breaks the rules of the adult webcam site to reel off her views on sex work, the art world, class and discreet transness. 13 minutes 19 seconds.

I'm Living In A Silent Film, 2016.
A four-channel video installation about dissociation, loneliness and the city. 3 minute loop.

A Teenage Melodrama In Four Parts, 2015.
A short film about my teenage years as a mentally ill Manic Street Preachers fan. 13 minutes 24 seconds.

The Very Last Plea From My Heart, 2012.
A short film about queer desire, public sex and my relationship with the now-demolished Birmingham Central Library. 6 minutes 25 seconds.